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    SubjectRe: kernel unaligned acc on Alpha
    Marc Giger <> writes:

    > Hi All,
    > I have a lot of unaligned accesses in kernel space:
    > kernel unaligned acc : 2191330
    > (pc=fffffffc002557d8,va=fffffffc00256059)
    > It seems to be located in the networking part (iptables?) from the
    > kernel. Can someone please help me how to find the location of these
    > uac's? I already have recompiled the kernel with debugging enabled and
    > tried to debug it with gdb.

    Find the matching function in Look for the entry with the
    highest address less than or equal to the pc value.

    > Another question: What's the meaning of va?

    It's the virtual memory address being accessed. The va value is
    rather close to the pc, so I would guess that it is some static data
    from the same source file as the function that is being accessed.

    Måns Rullgård

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