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SubjectRe: Adaptec 1210SA SATA Controller Performance
> >Yesterday I've setup a server with Adaptec's 1210SA SATA Controller and 
> >2 SATA disks. According to the kernel changelog the controller is
> >supported since 2.6.2
> >
> >I've installed Debian on an IDE disk, built a 2.6.3 kernel with
> >CONFIG_SCSI_SATA_SIL, rebooted and the kernel detected the controller
> >plus both SATA disks (sda, sdb). As the next step I wanted to create a
> >software raid 1 with the 2 SATA disks. Because it took mdadm forever to
> >finish, I checked /proc/mdstat and saw a progress bar with a rate of
> >12MB/s!

More to the point, why didn't you just install a 2.4.18 kernel
and use the Adaptec-supplied driver and the RAID-1 capabilities
built into the card's firmware? (Note, I'm not trying to disparage
Jeff's work on libata here.)

I have this setup and it works flawlessly with a pair of 160GB
SATA drives.

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