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    SubjectRe: 2.6.3-bk9 QA testing: firewire good, USB printing dead
    Daniel Robbins wrote:

    > Feb 27 10:52:44 [kernel] drivers/usb/class/usblp.c: usblp0: error -71 reading printer status
    > - Last output repeated 1140 times -

    I have this identical problem using a 2.6.3-bk snapshot from a few days
    ago. My hardware is a Samsung ML-2150 printer (USB 2 High Speed)
    connected to a VIA EHCI embedded in my VIA KT-600 chipset.

    I sent a four page print job through CUPS; during page 4, the printer
    timed out, and the CUPS "usb" process was hung and would not respond to
    any signals (not even -9). When I unplugged the printer's USB cable, the
    "usb" process died, and my syslog reported these error messages (but not
    before I unplugged the cable). In my case I had 3,458 of them.

    Plugging the printer back in, usblp re-registered it, so I tried sending
    a job again, but could not get any data to flow to the printer without
    restarting the Linux system.
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