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    SubjectRe: only ieee1394 from 2.4.20 works for me

    On Sun, 22 Feb 2004, Kai Engert wrote:

    > In the last year I have been playing with a variety of combinations of
    > ieee1394 controllers, machines, external mass storage devices and linux
    > kernel versions. So have some friends of mine.
    > The only version that works for us is the ieee1394 code that was
    > included with kernel version 2.4.20.
    > (I removed drivers/ieee1394 completely, and replaced it with
    > drivers/ieee1394 from 2.4.20)
    > Using that snapshot, we are able to transfer data to disks and video
    > from a camcorder just fine, in all combinations we have tested.
    > Every other kernel version, both older or newer than 2.4.20, is broken.
    > We either see random errors, or writing data to disks stalls
    > immediately, or daisy chained devices don't work.
    > I'm currently using the official Fedora core 1 series kernels, patched
    > that way, and it works like a charm.
    > Please consider to use the 2.4.20 ieee1394 snapshot in future 2.4.x
    > releases.

    Hi Kai,

    As Ben already said, he needs a detailed report of your the problems.

    I'm sure he will work to fix them as soon as he has the reports.

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