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    Subject[ANNOUNCE] new driver for teletext decoder SAA5246A

    I would like to introduce a new device driver for the I2C based
    Videotext/Teletext decoder SAA5246A from Philips. The interface
    is identical to the existing driver for the SAA5249 chip. User
    programs can access these devices via /dev/vtx0 ... /dev/vtx31.

    Templete was drivers/media/video/saa5249.c, some of the SAA5246A
    functionality was taken from the original driver from Martin Buck
    ( In order to make the driver
    sources easier to understand I added lots of symbolic constants
    related to the data sheet of the SAA5246A from Philips.

    The driver is available as a patch to the linux kernel version
    2.6.3 from

    I know that today's TV cards do no more have such a teletext
    processor chip on board, they use the CPU for decoding videotext
    pages. This is much faster if you want to extract all the pages
    from a TV station for reading like a journal. I also wanted to
    change to the vbi interface but after some trial I went back to
    decoding via SAA5246A because there were more errors in the pages
    decoded with the vbi interface than with the vtx interface using
    a SAA5246A. I don't know why. And have you tried to capture a
    special subpage from a page that contains 10 suppages or more?
    When it is finally transmitted after 10 Minutes you will have to
    wait for another 10 Minutes if your CPU missed it. According to my
    experience a teletext processor will more probably capture the

    Of courde I have tested the driver both as a module and compiled
    into the kernel. It is licensed under the GPL.

    I would be happy to get some feedback!


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