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SubjectRe: 2.6.3-mm3
Nick Piggin wrote:
> Mike Fedyk wrote:
>>>> What about Nick's fix up patch for the two patches above? Should I
>>>> include that one also?
>> I'm running 2.6.3-mm3-486-fazok (nick's patch), and it has improved my
>> slab usage greatly. It was averaging 500MB-700MB slab. Now slab is
>> ~230MB, and page cache is ~700MB
> That is a much better sounding ratio. Of course that doesn't mean much
> if performance is worse. Slab might be getting reclaimed a little bit
> too hard vs pagecache now.

I'll let you know. My graphs are looking better, except for one
instance of Xvnc (for one user -- I'm still tracking that one down)
hitting a memory grabbing loop that made me kill it.

>> See:
>> Is there any way I can get the VM patches against 2.6.3? I'm not
>> comfortable with running -mm3 on this production server, especially
>> seeing the "sync hang" bug.
> Well your server wasn't going too badly with 2.6.3, wasn't it? Might
> as well just wait for them to get into the the tree.

I might as well take out the third 512MB DIMM in that machine then...

Any chance you could post a VM patch roll-up against 2.6.3 for little
ole me?

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