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    SubjectRe: network / performance problems

    On Tue, 24 Feb 2004, David S. Miller wrote:

    > Hmmm, I wonder if the connection tracking tables are simply never shrinking.
    > Can you get some kernel profiles when the problem hits? If you don't know how
    > to do this, it's got to be documented somewhere and I'm sure someone can point
    > you at how to do it.
    > I bet we'll see netfilter at the top of the profiles or something like that.


    I haven't done kernel profiling before. Did a little googling and this is
    what I think I know (2.4.x)

    In lilo.conf, do append="profile=2" (is 2 a good number?)
    echo > /proc/profile
    readprofile -m (or whatever)

    Is that correct?

    Of course, this problem happens fastest on productions machines, which I
    hate to put out of commission... I need to turn my attention to some
    other stuff for a bit today, but tonight I'll see if I can't work
    something up on a non-production machine to make it go bad. Then do some

    Ron Peterson
    Network & Systems Manager
    Mount Holyoke College

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