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    SubjectRe: USB access via KVM broken in 2.6[0-3]
    On Wed, Feb 18, 2004 at 12:10:34AM -0500, Hayden A. James wrote:
    > I don't know what happened between 2.4.x and the latest 2.6.x release
    > but USB access to my keyboard and mouse from my USB KVM (Ioport
    > miniview) does NOT work at all for any of the devices. The devices work
    > normally in 2.6 without having the kvm connected, however. Is this an
    > already known issue?

    Yes, some people have reported problems with some brands of USB KVM
    devices. Do you get some "timeout" style messages when your devices
    stop working? Odds are the devices are way out of spec...

    Try enabling CONFIG_USB_DEBUG and post the messages to the
    linux-usb-devel mailing list.


    greg k-h
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