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SubjectRe: [NET] 64 bit byte counter for 2.6.3
On Wed, 18 Feb 2004 18:51:19 +0200
Markus Hästbacka <> wrote:

> Ok, Here's a patch for 64 bit byte counters for 2.6.3. For any intrested
> users to try.
> That means in english that the limit for RX bytes and TX bytes (in
> ifconfig for example) is much higher than the old 4GB limit on 32 bit
> systems.
> Orginal patch by Miika Pekkarinen, ported forward from 2.5 by me.
> Patch says 2.6.3-rc1, but patches cleanly on 2.6.3.
> Markus

Some quick comments:
* Network changes gets discussed on
* 64 bit values are not atomic on 32 bit architectures
* wider values in /proc output risks breaking apps like ifconfig and netstat
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