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SubjectRe: Intel vs AMD x86-64
Tjena Mikael.

> > now that Intel has finally come clean about their x86-64 implementation
> > (see
> >
> >
> >
> > for full details), can somebody write up a list of differences? I know
> > there are people who have had access to the Intel docs for a while now,
> > and obviously Intel is too frigging proud to list the differences
> > explicitly.
>>From what I can see from these docs, Intel's "IA-32e" is very very close
> to the natural combination of P4 with AMD64. No hyperlink stuff, but
> otherwise the same. The local APIC and performance counters should be
> exactly as in P4 :-)
> What about naming? IA-64 is taken, AMD64 is too specific, Intel's
> "IA-32e" sounds too vague, and I find x86-64 / x86_64 difficult to type.
> "x64" perhaps?

You're not planning on inventing new names for existing technology are
you? That's for the manufacturers to mess up :)

// Stefan

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