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    SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.3-rc3

    New radeonfb works better for me, with a bit of trouble, on this Compaq
    EVO N800v.

    I had troubles with powering up the display at boot, it would
    randomly work. At about 1/4 of a new boot or switching between console
    and X, the screen used to turn blank. If I blindly get into X it would
    work fine.

    With the new radeonfb, I have tested about 10 boots and the display
    seems to be working fine, no blank screen. Switching between X and
    console seems to be better (just turned into black at 1 of 10 tries)

    The problem is, If I enter X (works fine) and go back to the console,
    there are a few permenant color lines at the bottom. If I do "clear"
    or enter an ncurses based app (like midnight commander) the screen is
    garbled like interlaced.

    An example screenshot is at

    dmesg and config attached

    Onur Kucuk Knowledge speaks,
    <> but wisdom listens

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