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SubjectRe: getting usb mass storage to finish before running init?
well, the root filesystem is an initrd, so I can't do that.

I suppose I could compile in the extra info for /proc/partitions and see
if that gives me anything I can keep looking for (don't know if it puts
file system labels in there, but that is probably what I would have to go
on since that is really the only thing that is constant on all systems).

Is there a quick/clean way to query a device and get the label? I suppose
I could use tune2fs or something, but I didn't know if there is anything
better/simpler. I don't know if I like the idea of running tune2fs on
each partition again and again. I guess I could keep a list in memory and
only check each one once, but that is getting a bit more complicated &
time consuming.

> Check available devices for root filesystem (in case you're booting
> from IDE). If it's not there, wait a moment, then look for additional
> devices. If nothing shows up, repeat.
> --
> Ciao,
> Pascal

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