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SubjectRe: Does anyone still care about BSD ptys?
Followup to:  <>
By author: Dominik Kubla <>
In newsgroup:
> Try removing you BSD pty's and most likely you will see that telnetd
> happily uses System V pty's. If not then you should really update your
> telnetd. Both netkit-telnetd and telnetd-ssl, which is derived from it,
> can use System V-ptys since at least 5 years, probably even longer.
> If both BSD and System V pty's are present on the system, the code will use
> BSD. (That's why i removed the BSD pty's in the first place!)


Using BSD ptys is a security hazard. They should *definitely* not be
usef preferentially. On my system (RH9) they aren't used by telnet
even though they exist.

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