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SubjectRe: Proposal for a userspace "architecture portability" library
Followup to:  <>
By author: Paul Mackerras <>
In newsgroup:
> Now, clearly I can do this under the GPL. However, I think it would
> be more useful to have the library under the LGPL, which requires
> either getting the permission of the authors of the kernel files, or
> rewriting them from scratch.
> Linus (and other kernel copyright holders) - would you be willing to
> relicense such of the above files that have your copyright under the
> LGPL for this purpose?
> I'm looking for volunteers to help with porting and testing on various
> architectures. I can do x86, ppc and ppc64, and I know sparc{,64} and
> m68k assembler, but for the rest I'll need help.

I can certainly pitch in. I would personally prefer to see this under
the BSD license, (a) because it's not really that much code, and (b)
because it would let me add it to klibc.

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