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    SubjectRe: POSIX ACL's with NFS
    Rogério Brito wrote:
    > On Mon, 27 Dec 2004 20:46:38 +0100 (MET), Jan Engelhardt
    > <> wrote:
    >>config NFS_FS
    >> tristate "NFS file system support"
    >> depends on INET
    >> select LOCKD
    >> select SUNRPC
    >> select NFS_ACL_SUPPORT if NFS_ACL
    > Are you using any external patches for getting ACL support in NFS? I'd de
    > highly interested in those. I already tried googling but nothing
    > enligtening was found apart from the site. :-/
    > Thanks for any pointers, Rogério Brito.

    <> contains the most recent available
    patches. I have a few build-fixes pending to submit to Andreas though,
    but those are just gcc-2.95 stuff. And you have to fix up one or two
    patch rejects on anything recent from

    It got submitted for inclusion on LKML some time ago, and got a few
    kinks ironed out in that process. Not sure why it hasn't been included yet..

    I'm using this set of patches on 2.6.10 and have not noticed any
    problems using it to date. SuSE seems to ship with them too, so it
    probably have had a lot of usage/testing out in the field.
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