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    Subject2.6.10 resuming laptop from suspension f*cks usb subsystem
    Apart from the timer drift thingie, 2.6.10 brought some new features 
    like usb devices (ramdomly) not working after resuming from suspend mode.

    In 2.6.9 usb worked well, resuming from suspend just throws a bunch
    (near 20) messages like:

    drivers/usb/input/hid-core.c: input irq status -84 received

    (getting form /var/log/syslog, just don't have time to switch back to
    2.6.9 and fiddle with it again). After those messages, the usb subsystem
    comes stable again and worked like a charm.

    In 2.6.10, resuming from suspend mode just (randomly) crashes the USB
    subsystem, and I get the same messages (not sure about the whole message
    but the "-84" part really is there) over and over again until I reboot.
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