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Subject[PATCH 0/16] New set of input patches
Hi Vojtech,

Please take a look at the following input patches. Patches 1-9 are already
in my tree (and were there for quite some time so they should have gotten
at least some testing as Andrew automatically pulls from me) and I'd like
see them pushed to Linus together with your last batch. At least patches
6, 8 and 9 fix bugs introduced by latest changes. Patch 7 should help owners
of Toshibas with Synaptics touchpads.

Move panicblink parameter definition together with the rest of i8042
module parameters, add description and entry in kernel-parameters.txt

Add serio start() and stop() methods to serio structure that are
called when serio port is about to be fully registered and when
serio port is about to be unregistered. These methods are useful
for drivers that share interrupt among several serio ports. In this
case interrupt can not be enabled/disabled in open/close methods
and it is very hard to determine if interrupt shoudl be ignored or
passed on.

Make use of new serio start/stop methods to safely activate and
deactivate ports. Also unify as much as possible port handling
between KBD, AUX and MUX ports. Rename i8042_values into i8042_port.

Do not submit serio event into event queue if there is already one
of the same type for the same port in front of it. Also look for
duplicat events once event is processed. This should help with
disconnected ports generating alot of data and consuming memory for
events when kseriod gets behind and prevents constant rescans.
This also allows to remove special check for 0xaa in reconnect path
of interrupt handler known to cause problems with Toshibas keyboards.

Return -EINVAL from evdev_read when passed buffer is too small.
Based on patch by James Lamanna.

Set mouse name to "Mouse" instead of leaving it NULL when using
PS2++ protocol and don't have any other information (Wheel, Touchpad)
about the mouse.

Toshiba Satellite KBCs have trouble handling data stream coming from
Synaptics at full rate (80 pps, 480 byte/sec) which causes keyboards
to pause or even get stuck. Use DMI to detect Satellites and limit
rate to 40 pps which cures keyboard.

Fix keycode table size initialization that got broken by my changes
that exported 'set' and other settings via sysfs.
setkeycodes should work again now.

Fix braindamage in sysfs permissions for 'debug' option.

Make Kconfig and Makefile agree on the option name so twidjoy
can be built.

Use msecs_to_jiffies instead of homegrown ms_to_jiffies
so everything works when HZ != 1000

Use msecs_to_jiffies instead of manually calculating
delay for Toshiba bouncing keys workaround so it works
when HZ != 1000.

Remove serio->private in favor of using driver-specific data
in device structure, add serio_get_drvdata/serio_put_drvdata
to access it so serio bus code looks more like other buses.

Replace serio's type field with serio_id structure and
add ids table to serio drivers. This will allow splitting
initial matching and probing routines for better sysfs

Make serio implementation more in line with standard
driver model implementations by removing explicit device
and driver list manipulations and introducing bus_match
function. serio_register_port is always asynchronous to
allow freely registering child ports. When deregistering
serio core still takes care of destroying children ports

Make serios' connect methods return error code instead of
void so exact cause of failur can be comminicated upstream.

Let me know which ones will you take and I will push them to my tree as


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