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    SubjectRe: is unreachable

    On 2004-12-27, at 02:41, Larry McVoy wrote:

    > On Sun, Dec 26, 2004 at 09:31:11PM -0300, Horst von Brand wrote:
    >>> The other answer, which I'm happy to consider, is to come up with a
    >>> unique
    >>> id on a per host basis and use that for the leases. That's not a
    >>> fun task,
    >>> does anyone have code (BSD license please) which does that?
    >> MAC of eth0?
    > As others have pointed out that won't work.
    > I'm trying to remember why we get leases on a per host basis and I
    > think
    > it is for a simple reason, NFS.

    Citing from:

    "NFS fails at the goal of allowing a computer to access files over a
    network as if they were on a local disk. In many ways, NFS comes close
    to the objective, and in certain circumstances (detailed later), this
    is acceptable. However, the subtle differences can cause subtle bugs
    and greater system issues. The widespread misconception about the
    compatibility and transparency of NFS means that it is often used
    inappropriately, and often put into production when better, more
    acceptable solutions exist."

    I don't know of a proper solution, other then writing in big letters
    in the documentation about the circumstances under which you can shoot
    yourself in
    the feet.

    Where is NFSv4?

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