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SubjectRe: [BK] disconnected operation

On 2004-12-26, at 18:19, Larry McVoy wrote:
> For James, could you do a little debugging please? Run the following
> when you are plugged in and it works and also when it doesn't:
> bk getuser
> bk getuser -r
> bk gethost
> bk gethost -r
> bk dotbk
> We'll track it down and fix it if it is a problem on our end. This
> stuff
> is supposed to work, we certainly haven't intentionally caused a
> problem.

Larry, that's futile, please trust me, you really can't fix this
and properly, without changing the principles of operation. nscd,
dhclient, glibc, NDIS, netinfo, some NAT, proxy, OpenDirectory, and so
on, the whole gang,
gosh even /etc/hostname will *always* get you sometime if you intend to
accommodate mobile users. Eee... did I say mobile users, Well let's use
the proper
buzz-word. *Roaming* users. Take it as a given: The nice shiny easy
days of BSD4-Net
release are long past and gone. A hostname simply isn't a fixed
attribute of a host anymore.
Setting a host name has nowadays more the character of a prayer or
christmas wish to Santa,
then any setup measure.

I really recommend that you give him a cookie and check if he still
didn't eat it
next time you meet him. (So don't give him a crispy well smelling
Or even better please do yourself the favor and go straight the whole
way down to
SASL, TSL and so on... There where already people around there with
similar problems before.
( comes in to mind for something quite modern and not
Java/XML/SOAP/bla bla bloated...)

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