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    SubjectRe: Ho ho ho - Linux v2.6.10
    On Gwe, 2004-12-24 at 22:39, Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > Ok, with a lot of people taking an xmas break, here's something to play
    > with over the holidays (not to mention an excuse for me to get into the
    > Glögg for real ;)

    Merry Yule to you too.

    Not wishing to be too ungrateful to Santa but

    - The broken AX.25 patches are not reverted so that doesn't work on some

    - It seems the security hole inducing exec_id change was not reverted
    and I've not yet found any other changes that fix the same problem
    (setuid_app >/proc/self/mem) in 2.6.10. It was actually quite nasty as a
    hole because you can seek the fd to the right target address before
    execing. With the other /proc changes did I miss something on this one

    I'll check it all over in more detail when I generate 2.6.10-ac
    (probably tomorrow), which will be nice as the patch will be a _lot_
    shorter and USB storage a lot happier than 2.6.9 based systems.


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