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SubjectRe: page fault scalability patch V12 [0/7]: Overview and performance tests
Andrew Morton wrote:
> We need to be be achieving higher-quality major releases than we did in
> 2.6.8 and 2.6.9. Really the only tool we have to ensure this is longer
> stabilisation periods.

I'm still hoping that distros (like my employer) and orgs like OSDL will
step up, and hook 2.6.x BK snapshots into daily test harnesses.

Something like John Cherry's reports to lkml on warnings and errors
would be darned useful. His reports are IMO an ideal model: show
day-to-day _changes_ in test results. Don't just dump a huge list of
testsuite results, results which are often clogged with expected
failures and testsuite bug noise.


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