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SubjectRe: page fault scalability patch V12 [0/7]: Overview and performance tests
Andrew Morton wrote:
> We need an -rc3 yet. And I need to do another pass through the
> regressions-since-2.6.9 list. We've made pretty good progress there
> recently. Mid to late December is looking like the 2.6.10 date.

another for that list, BTW:

I am currently chasing a 2.6.8->2.6.9 SATA regression, which causes
ata_piix (Intel ICH5/6/7) to not-find some SATA devices on x86-64 SMP,
but works on UP. Potentially related to >=4GB of RAM.

Details, in case anyone is interested:
Unless my code is screwed up (certainly possible), PIO data-in [using
the insw() call] seems to return all zeroes on a true-blue SMP machine,
for the identify-device command. When this happens, libata (correctly)
detects a bad id page and bails. (problem doesn't show up on single CPU
w/ HT)

What changed from 2.6.8 to 2.6.9 is

bitbang ATA taskfile registers (loads command)
bitbang ATA data register (read id page)

bitbang ATA taskfile registers
workqueue thread bitbangs ATA data register (read id page)

So I wonder if <something> doesn't like CPU 0 sending I/O traffic to the
on-board SATA PCI device, then immediately after that, CPU 1 sending I/O

Anyway, back to debugging... :)


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