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SubjectRe: dynamic-hz
On Mon, 2004-12-13 at 14:52 +0000, Alan Cox wrote:

> On a PC it makes huge sense, the deeply embedded folks who do turn the
> thing off for 30secs at a time (Eg cellphone) also want it as do
> virtualisation people where it trashes your scaling. API wise it isn't
> too hard, its just a matter of time to convert the jiffies users away
> and to do relative versions of add_timer with accuracy info included.


On a related subject, a few months ago you posted a patch which added a
nice add_timeout()/timeout_pending() API and converted many (if not
most) drivers to use it.

If I remember correctly it did not generate much comments and the work
was not pushed into mainline.

I think it's a nice cleanup, IMHO the time_(before|after)(jiffies, ...)
construct is horrible.

Any chance to resurrect this work ?

PS: the original subject was "Initial bits to help pull jiffies out of

Best regards,

Eric St-Laurent

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