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SubjectRe: VM86 interrupt emulation breakage and FIXes for 2.6.x kernel series
On Iau, 2004-12-09 at 13:59, Pavel Pisa wrote:
> if (vm86_irqs[intno].sig)
> send_sig(vm86_irqs[intno].sig, vm86_irqs[intno].tsk, 1);
> /* else user will poll for IRQs */
> + spin_unlock_irqrestore(&irqbits_lock, flags);
> + /* Next line would be required to handle correctly level activated
> interrupts */
> + disable_irq(intno);
> + return IRQ_HANDLED;

You can't disable_irq and return to user space - the IRQ may be shared
by a device needed to make user space progress.

The rest looks like a real bug.
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