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SubjectRe: [RFC] Splitting kernel headers and deprecating __KERNEL__

On Mon, 29 Nov 2004, Al Viro wrote:

> That leaves affs_fs.h containing only AFFS_SUPER_MAGIC declaration and
> amigaffs.h also seriously cleaned up; it still has a bunch of defines that
> are almost certainly never used in userland (they refer to ->b_data and
> in-core affs superblock), but these might in theory be useful (similar
> stuff for ext2 *is* used by userland code).
> If Roman is OK with their removal, AFFS_DATA and friends should also get
> moved to fs/affs/affs.h.

Looks good. Thanks.
I wouldn't mind moving it all to fs/affs, I don't think there is any
userspace dependency here. I have a simple mkaffs tool, but that uses a
copy of it.

> +#if 0
> + s32 i_original; /* if != 0, this is the key of the original */
> + u32 i_data[AFFS_MAX_PREALLOC]; /* preallocated blocks */
> + int i_cache_users; /* Cache cannot be freed while > 0 */
> + unsigned char i_hlink; /* This is a fake */
> + unsigned char i_pad;
> + s32 i_parent; /* parent ino */
> +#endif

That can be killed.

bye, Roman
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