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SubjectRe: keyboard timeout
On Wed, 2004-12-01 at 17:29, linux-os wrote:
> If Linux 2.6.9 is booted on a 40 MHz `486 with the standard
> ISA clock of 14.3 MHz (yes that's the standard), the kernel
> will complain about a keyboard timeout for every key touched!

Umm, no.

The BCLK signal, which is the system bus clock, is 4.77, 8.0, or 8.33
MHz, depending on platform. There may be other non-standard frequencies
in use. Since everything is referenced to this signal, I'd call it the
ISA clock.

You may be thinking of the OSC signal, which is 14.33MHz, and was used
to generate the composite video signal on early CGA cards. It is not
synchronized to any other signal. It is (was) also often divided by 12
and fed to the 8254 PIT.

As for your keyboard problem, I dunno. I just wanted to play "The find
the subtle misconception in Dick's post" game.

My reference: "ISA & EISA Theory & Operation" by Edward Solari.
Dave Dillow <>

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