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    SubjectRe: Oops in 2.6.10-rc1
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    Linus Torvalds schrieb:
    > Not your fault. Think of this as a learning experience ;)

    it definitely is, yes.

    > Anyway, now that the _other_ driver also oopses, and with a very similar
    > oops too, so it looks like they both depended on some undocumented (or
    > changed) detail in the PCI layer. Next step would be to see if the thing
    > that breaks is this merge:

    may i ask how you come to this conclusion? by technical knowledge or could
    this be deduced by some bk magic too?

    > ChangeSet@1.2463, 2004-11-04 17:07:16-08:00,
    > Merge bk://
    > into
    > which merges Greg's PCI/driver model changes.
    > It's all the same steps you took with the ALSA merge, you're a
    > professional by now ;)

    i did "bk undo -a1.2463" from a current -BK tree and it oopses:

    (i've booted with different boot options this time, because i noticed that
    i always booted with "acpi=force". changing this did not help either.)

    next i wanted to do "bk undo -r1.2463" now to see if it does *not* break
    without this ChangeSet (because i already know it *breaks* with this
    ChangeSet) but that would leave some parentless child deltas. i read in
    the BK docs that "bk cset -x<version>" would help here. but "bk cset
    - -x1.2463" aborts:

    - ---------------------
    evil@atlant:~/kernel/linux-2.6-BK$ bk changes | head -n3
    ChangeSet@1.2463, 2004-11-04 17:07:16-08:00,
    Merge bk://

    evil@atlant:~/kernel/linux-2.6-BK$ bk cset -x1.2463
    cset: Merge cset found in revision list: (1.2463). Aborting. (cset1)
    - ---------------------

    i've put everthing on
    the .configs, the oopses are there. i've double checked a kernel built
    from "bk -a a1.2000.7.2" yesterday but the result was the same (no oops)

    thank you,
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