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SubjectRe: [RFC/PATCH 0/4] cpus, nodes, and the device model: dynamic cpu registration
On Thu, 2004-11-04 at 17:09 -0800, Ashok Raj wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 24, 2004 at 03:42:10AM -0600, Nathan Lynch wrote:
> >
> > Finally, I've added two new interfaces which wrap all this up --
> > cpu_add() and cpu_remove(). These carry out the necessary update to
> > cpu_present_map and take care of the cpu device registration. These
> > are meant to be invoked from the platform-specific code which
> > discovers and removes processors.
> I think you want the device registration that create the sysfs file to the
> arch code.

No, I don't think the arch code should be registering the cpu devices
(or the node devices). There is very little that is arch-specific about
these, and the same code is more or less duplicated between the

> If you look at the ACPI extensions to support physical cpu hotplug
> we need to keep track of the acpi->logical association. so all we really need
> is a bit off the bitmap, but the cpu is not yet ready for operation yet.

I see your point here, though, and I'm slightly embarrassed I forgot
that ppc64 has similar needs. What is needed is an arch-specific
__cpu_add which is called from cpu_add after the new cpu's bit has been
reserved, and which sets up the architecture's physical<->logical
associations or whatever. This follows the convention established in
the existing cpu code and keeps the manipulation of cpu_present_map in
one place.

I'll incorporate this in my next attempt.


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