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    SubjectRe: Oops in 2.6.10-rc1
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    >>>Now, that's fine - the USB merge is likely to be ok, so try doing
    >>> bk undo -a1.2462

    i did so, 1.2463 went away, building as usual - but the oops resists :(

    > for now i appreciate your work here but i have to postpone the the "bk
    > revtool" stuff because i have no X _and_ bk here. (but i'm a good student
    > and will do my homework) progress...

    >>> bk set -n -d -r1.2462 -r1.2463 | bk -R prs -h -d'<:P:@:HOST:>\n$each(:C:){\t(:C:)\n}\n' -
    >>>which is black magic that does a set operation and shows all the changes
    >>>in between the sets of "bk at 1.2462" and "bk at 1.2463".

    hm, i guess this has to wait now.

    >>>Looking at the list (appended), I don't see anything obvious, but hey, if
    >>>it was obvious it wouldn't have been merged in the first place.

    yes, i'll look for changes regarding PCI. i've started to compile the -bk
    snapshots too. there i can do less wrong things. when i have the "bad" -bk
    snapshot i'll use "bk" itself again to find the detailed change leading to
    the oops.

    i hope to get another machine with a another es1371 tomorrow and see if
    the error is reproduceable.


    PS: i've taken linux-sound and alsa-devel from CC.
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