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SubjectRe: GPL Violation of 'sveasoft' with GPL Linux Kernel/Busybox + code

> That's true: you don't have an automatic right to receive updates for free.
> But revoking a (paid) license if you do something that's explicitly allowed by
> the license of (part of) the supplied software sounds a bit fishy to me...

I don't think they make it clear *what* you are paying for. I think it
is reasonable if they claim that you are paying for the distribution,
NOT the license.

I am not trying to defend sveasoft. Personally, I dislike their method,
but I'm gathering information to try and understand who's right, who's
wrong and if sveasoft is indeed violating the GPL.

pedro venda.


Pedro João Lopes Venda

Equipa de Administração de Sistemas
Rede das Novas Licenciaturas (RNL)
Instituto Superior Técnico
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