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SubjectRe: RFC: [2.6 patch] small IPMI cleanup
Adrian Bunk wrote:

>>these functions that are perhaps not in the kernel yet (and perhaps
>>never make it into the mainstream kernel). Some of the statics do need
>>to be cleaned up, though.
>Why shouldn't they make it into the mainstream kernel?
Sometimes people create specific tools that only support a specific type
of board. I'm not sure every single thing written to go into the kernel
should be included i nthe mainstream kernel. It's a hard call, but if
it for some very specific thing then the vendor may not be interested in
doing this.

>>The IPMI driver was designed so that in-kernel users can use it as
>>easily as userland users. So these are important parts of the interface.
>For userland users, a global kernel function (even if EXPORT_SYMBOL'ed)
>is useless.
Right, but it has to be there for the in-kernel users.

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