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    SubjectRe: Oops in 2.6.10-rc1
    On Sun, 7 Nov 2004 08:57:40 -0800 (PST), Linus Torvalds wrote
    > You can check the ALSA tree _before_ the merge, by doing (in
    > the current tree):
    > bk undo -a1.2000.7.2
    > which should give you a tree without any of "my" stuff, ie it
    > was what Jaroslav was working on before he merged it into the
    > standard tree.

    yes, i already did so, i think:

    but i did it this way:
    bk clone -r1.2000.7.1 linux-2.6-BK linux-2.6-BK-test
    bk undo -a1.2010

    (probably wrong, so i'll repeat it as you suggeseted)

    > (BK revision numbers change on merges, so the above number is
    > not necessarily the right one unless you have the current -bk


    > A quick suggestion: make sure that there is not some stale
    > object file lying around confusing things about memory layout,
    > and do a "make clean" and make sure that all old modules are
    > clean too and re-installed.

    really: i always do "make clean", even "make mrproper" sometimes, just
    to be sure. and i am quite certain, that i did not forget to install the
    modules. but i'll keep my eyes open, yes.

    > The kernel dependencies should be correct, but even then there can be
    > problems with clocks that are off a bit etc.

    i'm updating via "ntpdate" on every boot. i am even using a (faster) 2nd
    machine for my build and the bk things right now: building a current -bk
    on boths hosts gives me this error.

    > Yes, that makes me suspicious, and is one reason why I wonder
    > if it's just your tree not being built right.

    i'll build a -bk snapshot from a tar.bz2 later on and see what it gives.

    > There are different revision numbers: there's the revision
    > number for the _file_, and there is the revision number for
    > the _change_.

    aha. it was kinda i got it, i think ;)

    again: thank you for your time on this rainy weekend,
    BOFH excuse #8:

    static buildup
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