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    SubjectRe: Linux-2.6.9 won't allow a write to a NTFS file-system.
    On Thu, 4 Nov 2004 17:38:53 -0500 (EST), linux-os
    <> wrote:
    > I thought maybe that was so, so I tried to format it as a
    > FAT-32 drive and W$ complained that it was too large. So
    > I thought, I would just partition it, but I never partitioned
    > it to two logical drives before before so I don't know
    > what's changed (it's W/2000). Right now, I am partitioning
    > it to two slices and formatting it with FAT-32.

    Note that mkfs.vfat will format up to the maximum size allowed by the
    FAT32 spec, rather than the 32 GB limit imposed by Windows. I am using
    a 120 GB VFAT partition to share data between Windows and Linux.

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