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SubjectRe: [RFC] [PATCH] [0/6] LSM Stacking
> One issue:  I'm seeing this from /usr/sbin/sendmail:
> % /usr/sbin/sendmail
> drop_privileges: setuid(0) succeeded (when it should not)
> I've not tracked down what's causing this indigestion yet (I suspect some
> bad interaction with capabilities - that's what caused that message to be
> added to Sendmail in the first place).

Chris had mentioned the stacker_capable not being quite right. I'm
looking at it now, and yeah, it's a little convoluted. I think a simpler

if (!stacked_modules) {
/* same as before

final_result = 0;
for (m = stacked_modules; m; m = m->next) {
result = (m->module_operations).capable(tsk,cap);
if (result && !final_result) {
final_result = result;
if (short_circuit_capable)
return final_result;

should be correct.

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