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    SubjectRe: [BK PATCH] Fix ip_conntrack_amanda data corruption bug that breaks amanda dumps
    Matthias Andree wrote:

    >On Thu, 04 Nov 2004, Patrick McHardy wrote:
    >>- data = amp;
    >>- data_limit = amp + skb->len - dataoff;
    >>+ skb_copy_bits(skb, dataoff, amanda_buffer, skb->len - dataoff);
    >>+ data = amanda_buffer;
    >>+ data_limit = amanda_buffer + skb->len - dataoff;
    >Does this mean the whole buffer is still copied?

    >If so: Making a local copy of the packet just to be able to stuff NUL
    >bytes to suit or "optimize" strstr functions is plain nonsense - amanda
    >pipes several GByte through the kernel at each run, and copying
    >gazillions of bits around, wasting millions of CPU cycles, just because
    >someone is too lazy to spell a more decent search function, is
    >bad design.
    This is just the UDP control connection, the data is not copied
    or scanned. Feel free to send a patch that doesn't need to
    copy linear skbs and doesn't need to modify the skb.

    >Same consideration applies to FTP connection tracking.
    >I wrote a memstr function for bogofilter (GPL v2) that we could use
    >inside the kernel, as a length-limited strstr replacement, as in "search
    >the first buffer_size bytes starting with buffer_base for the first
    >occurrence of const char *needle". That avoids all buffer modifications
    >in ip_conntrack_amanda.c AFAICS. It's also slow because it does a linear
    >search and not an optimized search as the sophisticated KMP and other
    >search algorithms would be able to do, but then again the generic strstr
    >inside the kernel is linear, too.
    non-linear skb have fragments scattered in memory, you have to
    copy them or scan with a function that is aware of how the data
    is layed out in memory. Look at Harald's notes from the netfilter
    workshop for details on current work in this area.


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