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SubjectRe: [RFC] [PATCH] [0/6] LSM Stacking
* Serge Hallyn ( wrote:
> The following set of patches add support required to stack most
> LSMs. The most important patch is the first, which provides a
> method for more than one LSM to annotate information to kernel
> objects. LSM's known to use the LSM fields include selinux, bsdjail,
> seclvl, and digsig. Without this patch (or something like it),
> none of these modules can be used together.

I think, all in all, this needs more work and more justification (esp.
w.r.t. overhead and impact on the current common use of a single

> 2. A 2.6.10-rc1-bk10 system with the stacking patches, and capabilities
> and SELinux compiled into the kernel under the stacker LSM. Other
> than stacker being compiled in and the size of the LSM void* array
> being set to 4, the exact same .config was used.

How many CPU's?

> 3. The same kernel as in (2), but with bsdjail and seclvl also stacked.
> On each of these configurations, I ran unixbench twice, and compiled
> a kernel twice (with the same .config, and all files in the cached
> each time).
> The kernel compilation results are as follows:
> No stacking (1) Stacking (2) More Stacking (3)
> Run 1 real 9m51.647s real 9m48.045s real 9m53.292s
> user 8m28.637s user 8m29.108s user 8m33.319s
> sys 1m13.900s sys 1m14.993s sys 1m15.377s
> Run 2 real 9m48.154s real 9m53.369s real 9m53.292s
> user 8m28.983s user 8m29.101s user 8m34.407s
> sys 1m13.981s sys 1m15.307s sys 1m15.611s
> Run 3 real 9m51.105s real 9m51.840s real 9m58.840s
> user 8m28.894s user 8m29.192s user 8m33.538s
> sys 1m14.183s sys 1m15.345s sys 1m16.146s
> Unixbench summaries are as follows. (I can send the full output if
> anyone asks)

Sorry, I forget what the Unixbench scores mean....

> No stacking (1) Stacking (2) More Stacking (3)
> Run 1 651.5 647.1 634.3
> Run 2 648.2 642.8 632.7

How did lmbench numbers look? And other workloads, like network?

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