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SubjectRe: support of older compilers

On Thu, 4 Nov 2004, Adam Heath wrote:
> >
> > First off, for some people that is literally where _most_ of the CPU
> > cycles go.
> So find a fast machine. As I have already said, you don't need to compile a
> kernel for a slow machine/arch *on* a slow machine/arch.

I _have_ a fast machine. Others don't. And quite frankly, even I tend to
prioritize things like "nice and quiet" over absolute speed.

> I don't doubt these are issues. That's not what I am discussing.

Sure it is. You're complaining that developers use old versions of gcc.
They do so for a reason. Old versions of gcc are sometimes better. They
are better in many ways.

Your "use new versions of gcc even if it is slower" argument doesn't make
any _sense_. If the new versions aren't any better, why would you want to
use them?

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