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    SubjectRe: patch for sysfs in the cyclades driver
    On Thu, Nov 04, 2004 at 10:40:26AM -0600, Kilau, Scott wrote:
    > > From: Marcelo Tosatti
    > > The problem was class_simple only contains the "dev" attribute. You
    > can't
    > > add other attributes to it.
    > Ah, that changes everything.

    No, you can add attributes to it, I just don't think the pointer is
    accessable for a tty driver to be able to find the thing. Need to go
    look at the code again to verify this or not.

    > The entire reason Germano and I were chasing down this option,
    > was so we could export various "tty" statistic files out to below
    > each respective tty name in /sys/class/tty
    > If its currently not possible to add more attributes to the simple
    > class,
    > then we are probably going down the wrong avenue here, at least for now.

    No, that's the proper way to go.

    > Greg,
    > I know you are a very busy person...
    > Is making a "tty class" even in the cards for 2.6, or is it scheduled
    > for 2.7+ ?

    It's scheduled for whenever someone gets around to doing it :)

    As there is no 2.7 tree, nor is there going to be, why not do it right
    now? I'd gladly take patches that do this, and I don't think they would
    be all that big at all.

    > Germano,
    > I still hate doing it, and I know it is against the "1 value per file in
    > sys" rule,
    > but for now I think exporting the values to the "card" directory with
    > each file
    > containing the value as a list of ports, 1 per line, might be the best
    > option
    > to work with here, at least until the "tty class" gets developed.

    No, I will not allow that to go into the kernel tree, sorry. Just
    export the tty class pointer in the proper structure, and you should be


    greg k-h
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