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SubjectRe: [4/7] Xen VMM patch set : /dev/mem io_remap_page_range for CONFIG_XEN
> On Fri, Nov 19, 2004 at 11:22:51PM +0000, Ian Pratt wrote:
> >
> > This patch modifies /dev/mem to call io_remap_page_range rather than
> > remap_pfn_range under CONFIG_XEN. This is required because in arch
> Why don't we change /dev/mem to use io_remap_page_range unconditionally
> for ranges above high_memory? Clearly io_remap_page_range can map device
> space, and I guess that's what io_remap_page_range is there for.

In the Xen case, we actually need to use io_remap_page_range for
all /dev/mem accesses, so as to be able to map the BIOS area, DMI
tables etc.

Are people generally happy with the introduction of
ARCH_HAS_DEV_MEM as a way of migrating away from the nest of
#ifdef's in mem.c ?

I wasn't sure how best to handle the fact that /dev/kmem shared
its mmap implementation with /dev/mem. BTW: Does anyone know of
any programs that make use of mmap'ing /dev/kmem?

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