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SubjectRe: Misleading error message
>I compiled built-in support for iptables in my new 2.6.9 kernel, but when my
>legacy firewall does a "modprobe ip_tables" , I get the startling message:
>"FATAL: module ip_tables not found" .

Linux Developers,

what would you think of say, a line added to modules' code that identifies
compiled-in components?
modprobe could then be adjusted to
1. try loading something.ko
2. looking for a component "something" within the compiled-in stuff

I'd imagine a module's init could look like:

int __init init_module(void) {

Or using some linker magic to generate a table/array full with strings to
indicate their presence. (I though of kstrtab, which is, to my knowledge, also
composed of multiple single symbols into one.)

Awaiting list feedback.

>A message like "Module ip_tables not needed; support already built in the
>kernel" would be much more helpfull, as I see it.

modprobe should just return 0 as is with the case for already-loaded modules.

Jan Engelhardt
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