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    SubjectRe: Am I still on this list?
    Gene Heskett wrote:
    > I just went to and ran the MX-VERIFY-CGI script
    > against my mailing address and it seemed to work ok, unlike last week
    > when verizon had an overloaded mail box somewhere that not only
    > caused some huge lags, but probably bounced so many messages to me
    > that I got suspended.
    > Is there anyone here on this list that can throw some light on why
    > I've not got any messages from the lkml since a burst of about 275
    > early Friday morning? Or if I've been suspended/unsubscribed, fix it
    > back up?
    > At that time, the above script was failing when it got to my src
    > mailserver at Now it is not, but still no mail.
    > Sniff...

    Same thing happened to me. Verizon help-desk drones were useless - just
    re-subscribed, and everything was back to normal.

    Glad to know it was Verizon's fault after all - OTOH, I don't think their mail
    admins can comprehend why someone doesn't complain about ~300 messages a day... :)

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