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SubjectRe: no entropy and no output at /dev/random (quick question)
Jan Engelhardt wrote:
>>I have a server that runs kernel 2.6.9, some web and monitoring
>>services, it's connected to two different networks with two different
>>network cards, and somehow a php developer discovered that /dev/random
>>wasn't giving any entropy to him (O_O) so i checked it out...
>>As you may see my only sources of entropy where the timer, eth0, eth1
>>and the DAC960.
> I doubt that timer and eth* are a non-predictable source. As such, they should
> not contribute to the entropy. Better is the keyboard and/or mouse. SSH traffic
> is network traffic, and if you send it to a network card, you can expect an
> interrupt at <time>... prdictable.
> Jan Engelhardt
Hmm you got it wrong, I'm saying that my only "interrupt generating
hardware" was NOT contributing to the entropy. I mean, the timer (OF
COURSE NOT) and the NICs (same) but why don't the DAC960???


Javier Villavicencio
Direccion Nacional de Migraciones
Ministerio del Interior
Republica Argentina
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