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SubjectRe: [RFC] Splitting kernel headers and deprecating __KERNEL__

> The problem with these (atomic.h

that is a very non portable header and there are several good
alternatives (see the apr library for example). In fact. atomic.h is
*dangerous* in userspace, it is only atomic if CONFIG_SMP is set, so if
you compile your app on a machine without that set and then run it on an
smp machine, you are not atomic.

> , bitops.h

again not portable

> , byteorder.h,

there are perfectly good alternatives in glibc

> div64.h,

huh? what is wrong with "/" in C

> list.h

this one I can see

> , spinlock.h

EHHHH????? Spinlocks in userland? You got to be kidding.

> , unaligned.h


> and xor.h)

xor.h is very raid specific (and GPL with lots of code, so a license

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