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    SubjectRe: Accessing a process structure in the processes link list
    How would you know the offset (location of index 0 if
    it was an array or the head of link list) of that
    variable in memory, in this case it is the process
    table named task of type a pointer to task_struct?

    Any recommendation for references will be appreciated.



    --- Doug McNaught <> wrote:

    > A M <> writes:
    > > Would it be possible for a program running as root
    > > that wasn't compiled with the kernel to access a
    > > process structure in the processes link list?
    > Yes, but see below.
    > > I've read an article about hiding processes and
    > the
    > > article made sound so easy to access the link list
    > and
    > > hide a process, how easy is it?
    > You need read access to /dev/kmem and a fairly
    > intimate knowledge of
    > the kernel data structures in question.
    > > Is it possible to a process to access its own
    > entry in
    > > the processes link list?
    > Not without read access to the kmem device...
    > -Doug

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