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SubjectRe: Suspend 2 merge: 35/51: Code always built in to the kernel.

On Fri, 2004-11-26 at 10:32, Pavel Machek wrote:
> You have your own abstraction on the top of /proc? That's no-no.

You'd prefer the same code repeated 20 times?

> ...aha, you do that to enable plugin system. Take it as another reason
> why plugins have to go.

No, it's just useful. The /proc abstraction predated the plugins. What I
really want to do is switch to kobjects for the plugins. But that can
wait a little longer.

> And your own keyboard driver :-(.

It's not really a keyboard driver. We're just making serial console and
local keypresses into the same key codes and letting them be handled by
the relevant plugin.

> > + say("BIG FAT WARNING!! %s\n\n", suspend_print_buf);
> > + if (can_erase_image) {
> > + say("If you want to use the current suspend image, reboot and try\n");
> > + say("again with the same kernel that you suspended from. If you want\n");
> > + say("to forget that image, continue and the image will be erased.\n");
> > + } else {
> > + say("If you continue booting, note that any image WILL NOT BE REMOVED.\n");
> > + say("Suspend is unable to do so because the appropriate modules aren't\n");
> > + say("loaded. You should manually remove the image to avoid any\n");
> > + say("possibility of corrupting your filesystem(s) later.\n");
> > + }
> > + say("Press SPACE to reboot or C to continue booting with this kernel\n");
> Plus kernel now actually expects user interaction to solve problems
> during boot. No, no.

You want your cake and to eat it too? :> We don't want to warn the user
before they shoot themselves in the foot, but not loudly enough that
they can't help notice and choose to do something before the damage is


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