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    SubjectRe: Suspend 2 merge:L 12/51: Disable OOM killer when suspending.

    > When preparing the image, suspend eats all the memory in sight, both to
    > reduce the image size and to improve the reliability of our stats (We've
    > worked hard to make it work reliably under heavy load - 100+). Of course
    > this can result in the OOM killer being triggered, so this simple test
    > stops that happening.

    andrew's shrink_all_memory should enable you to free memory without
    hacking OOM killer, no?

    If shrink_all_memory is broken... fix it.

    > + if (test_suspend_state(SUSPEND_FREEZER_ON))
    > + return;
    > +

    Hmm, yes, something like this migh be usefull for BUG_ONs etc...
    For consistency, right name is probably in_suspend(void).

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