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    SubjectRe: Suspend 2 merge: 10/51: Exports for suspend built as modules.

    On Fri, 2004-11-26 at 05:07, Pavel Machek wrote:
    > Hi!
    > > The sys_ functions are exported because a while ago, people suggested I
    > > use /dev/console to output text that doesn't need to be logged, and I
    > > also use /dev/splash for the bootsplash support. These functions were
    > Well, we don't do ascii-art on kernel boot and I do not see why we should do it
    > on suspend. Distributions will love bootsplash integration, but it should stay as a separate
    > patch.

    It's modular, so no problem there.

    > See swsusp1... it has percentage printing, and I think it should
    > be possible to make it look good enough.

    We can always make a tex_ mode_for_Pavel plugin :>

    > Why do you need sys_mkdir?

    The text mode plugin is using it to make /dev (if it doesn't exist) so
    it can try to mount devfs (if necessary) and open /dev/console to do the
    output. I'd love to just use vt_console_print, but those who know better
    then me said to use /dev/console...


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