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SubjectRe: Suspend 2 merge: 9/51: init/* changes.
Pavel Machek <> wrote:
> Hi!
>> 1) Make name_to_dev_t non init. Why should you need to reboot if all you
>> want to do is change the device you're using to suspend? That's M_'s way
> Well, if you change it using /proc and forget to change kernel cmd line, you'll have
> a problem. Do you really change this so often?

name_to_dev_t needs to be non-init in order to make it possible to
trigger a resume when the block device driver isn't static. Pavel, would
you be willing to consider a patch to make it possible to trigger swsusp
resume from userspace? That gets things working with initrd kernels.
I've been using something along these lines for a few weeks now, and it
hasn't eaten my filesystem yet.

> Hmm , this will need a lot of testing and a lot of care... You for example
> mah not write to your fs's before activating it. And if you use this feature,
> kernel no longer has chance to kill suspend signature on normal boot,
> making "shoot(self, foot)" easier.

Yes, I was thinking of this mostly from a distribution perspective.
There's always potential for data-loss if users resume after touching
the root filesystem. On the other hand, it's currently possible for them
to do that anyway (think booting a different kernel without swsusp
support, then rebooting back into the swsusp one)

Matthew Garrett |
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