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    SubjectRe: Isolating two network processes on same machine
    linux-os <> writes:

    > I was going to say, set the netmask small enough so that both
    > machines are on different networks and set default routes to
    > your gateway....

    Yeah, but that part of it is actually working as long as our processes
    are running on different machines. The problem is that on the same
    machine e.g. with this configuration

    > > ifconfig eth0:0 netmask broadcast
    > > ifconfig eth0:1 netmask broadcast

    then the kernel somehow shortcircuits the routing table and doesn't
    forward the packets to the default gateway, even though the two
    addresses are on different subnets. It probably somehow knows that it
    possesses both IPs itself, and then skip any further routing.

    So basically, our problem is that the kernel is being too clever. If
    we could just dumb it down or trick it somehow...

    Thanks for your input,

    Ole Laursen
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