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SubjectRe: Suspend 2 merge: 9/51: init/* changes.

On Fri, 2004-11-26 at 08:45, Pavel Machek wrote:
> Hi!
> > > And if you really want to make it changeable, pass major:minor from userland; once
> > > userland is running getting them is easy.
> >
> > Yes, but that's also far uglier, and who thinks in terms of major and
> > minor numbers anyway? I think of my harddrive as /dev/sda, not 08:xx.
> > The parsing accepts majors and minors, of course, but shouldn't we make
> > these things easier to do, not harder? (Would we insist on using majors
> > and minors for root=?).
> Kernel interface is not supposed to be "easy". root= has exception,
> that's init code, and you can't easily ls -al /dev at that point. If
> you want easy interface, create userland program that looks up
> minor/major in /dev/ and uses them.

That's a fair possibility, but is it really worth it when all we need to
do is make two routines not be init? We would still have to duplicate
some of this code elsewhere anyway, because we need to parse the major
and minor numbers.

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